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Clients that work with CCF come from all walks of business life! Business services, manufacturing, retailing, financial services and many more. The following case studies explain the different circumstances and how we have helped.


Rod - Stressed about HMRC debt

When Rod approached us, he was constantly losing sleep worrying about what he owed HMRC and not understanding what money was his. He felt that all he was doing was working to pay the tax man!

We worked closely with Rod to help him gain control of his finances. We set out a savings plan to help him put money aside each week for the taxes, so he knew that what he had left was his to spend as he saw fit.

He says that he now feels in control of his finances and has more disposable income to spend on living, rather than working to pay the tax man! He is happier and getting a better quality night sleep!


Jane - So many unanswered questions

When Jane came to see us, she did not understand the business accounts at all.

She had an accountant who never explained to her what he was doing with the figures and just presented a set of numbers for her to sign at year end. She didn't know how much money she was making and didn't have the confidence to grow her business.

We now sit with Jane quarterly to review her figures on Xero. She can understand where she is making her money and where improvements or efficiencies can be made. We always meet with her to explain the year end accounts and help her plan for the tax bill, but when it is presented she always knows what to expect as she has been promoted throughout year.

She says that her business is now growing faster because she has the confidence to know that she has the finances behind her.


Freddie - The bank wouldn't lend him money

When Freddie came to us, he was wanting to grow his business but the bank would not lend him the funds he needed to expand.

His existing accountant always prepared the year end accounts just before the filing deadline and didn't provide him with any forecasts or budgets.

We got him up to date with his bookkeeping and helped him get the forecasts together to support his business plan. This gave the bank the confidence that they needed to provide him with the finance he so badly needed.

The year end accounts were filed within three months of the year end. This meant that because his business was growing and the figures were better than the previous year, his credit profile increased and this reassured suppliers, who increased his credit facilities.

Freddie said that the extra funds have allowed him to increase his capacity with additional staff, so that he can fulfil more orders, quicker. He is expecting a 30% increase in sales over the next year.


* We haven't used the clients real names so as to hide their identity!


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