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Net Promoter Score

Here at CCF over the last few months we have been contacting our clients via our SurveyMonkey platform to establish their level of satisfaction with the services that they have received. Part of this is to learn more about our Net Promoter Score (NPS) which is an index that ranges from 1-100 and is a method of gauging the client’s overall satisfaction with a company’s product or service and their loyalty to the brand.

Clients receive a survey via email which asks them 3 questions, the first of which is used to calculate the NPS score for CCF and that is simply:

"How likely is it that you would recommend CCF Accountancy Limited to a friend or colleague?"

We are absolutely thrilled to share with you that, of the clients that have completed our survey, our NPS is currently 81% which is fantastic!

The other two questions that we would love responses to in order that we can build on the level of service that our clients receive are:

"What does CCF Accountancy Limited do well? and also How could CCF Accountancy Limited improve?"

We look forward to hearing more from more of our clients in the future and working on the feedback we receive to provide an even better service.

March 2020 Budget

The long overdue Budget finally arrived on 11th March, much to the relief of advisers like CCF, because it wasn’t leaving much time before the end of the tax year to get planning in place for the 2020/2021 year which isn’t far off.

The impact of this budget can be summarised very briefly. The Chancellor announced many spending policies which would leave most people worrying about how this was all going to be paid for. The answer is a simple one. It’s predominantly down to the pre-forecast intention to leave the corporation tax rate at 19% instead of reducing it to 17%. As all companies are already paying that rate of tax, we aren’t going to feel much difference. That said, there are a few nuggets to get our teeth into!

Read our full Budget summary here: