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What is the Business Growth Club?

In order to grow your business a massive amount of time and effort is used in getting it off the ground and working.

What often happens, in the first few months/years is seat of the pants action with massive growth and change followed by the terrible teens. Tough decisions arise, should we move, take on staff, invest in that machine/course/significant purchase, get finance to grow and so on.

Where do you go for the advice you need? Are you asking questions or just keeping at the coal face hammering away?

This is why the Business Growth Club is here!

We see so many growing businesses who do not take (enough) time away from the business to look up and explore opportunities around them. Sometimes they agonise about decisions on their own without asking for help. Often networking is feared or loathed.

The Business Growth Club is designed to put growing business owners in a room together with their peers plus strategic partners who are there to provide the advice and support they need.


How does it work?

Three times a year, there is a networking event, where growing businesses can come and meet with carefully selected service providers to get no-obligation ad hoc advice on key business issues.

There will usually be some sort of short talk involving one or some of the services providers, designed to be thought provoking and providing you with value to take back to your business.

Finally there is the networking opportunity for you to meet with your peers, other business owners. Share stories of success or failures or just see where the conversation takes you.



Who should come?

The Business Growth Club is open to anyone but it is broken down into two types of business;

1. Growing businesses, who will benefit enormously from the advice and support on offer.

2. Service Provider businesses, who are willing to share advice and knowledge on their specialist subject.

Who should NOT come?

The serial networkers who just want to sell their wares. Whilst there may naturally be some business done between the attendees, most of the people that are drawn to this event are not the usual networking crowd. We are providing them with a relaxed environment where they can get valuable advice, without feeling pressure from the ‘buy my stuff’ brigade!


How to book.

The next date for the Business Grrowth Club is yet to be finalised.

There will be a link here to enable you to book online.

The cost of both style events is 15 for advance bookings online or 20 on the door.

Contact us on for more information, or if you are a service provider and want to find out how you can come for free.